Beeswax Facts:

  • Beeswax is created by the female worker bees from the nectar and pollen in the flowers they gather.  They use it to make their honeycombs.  Virgin beeswax, immediately after being secreted is white and fairly odorless.  It then becomes darker with use from holding honey, pollen, silk, and larval debris.  This is why beeswax comes in different shades of yellow, that don’t always look the same.  It also gathers its yummy smell over time and use by the bees.
  • To make one pound of beeswax, a female worker bee must visit about 30 million different flower blossoms, and eat give or take 10 pounds of honey!  This means that they sometimes must fly up to 150,000 miles to gather.  I guess the term ‘busy bee’ is truth be told.
  • Since it is all natural, beeswax is healthy and considered to be safe for human consumption.   It was approved as a safe ingredient in human food in the United States in the 1970’s.  It is inert and doesn’t interact with the human digestive system, however it is used to encapsulate or dissolve substances (homeopathic medicine), which are slowly released into the body. It is also used in all-natural make up and in CANDLES!

  • Beeswax is used in our all-natural pillar blend, as well as our Buddha candles.   Beeswax produces negative ions that help to clean air in rooms and can help improve your sense of well being.    We choose to incorporate it in our pillar blend because it makes our candles burn brighter and longer – and you don’t have to worry about chemicals being released in your air, like they are from most paraffin pillar candles out there!  We would not ever dream of dying our beeswax; as any adulteration takes away its natural, wonderful affects.
  • Ever notice a whitish film forming on your beeswax Buddha?    This is called ‘bloom’ and it is the result of certain plant materials like pollen and propolis that rise to the surface, it is actually a good sign because it means that you have high quality beeswax.   The good news is if you don’t like this added, unique finish, it is easily wiped away with a soft cloth.  The bloom does not affect how your candle burns.

Saving Energy at the Wax Factory

Hooray for energy upgrades!  This week we’ve had about 20-30 of our lights replaced to reduce the energy consumption here at the Way Out Wax factory.  This has happened thanks to a partnership with Efficiency Vermont, who identified the light fixtures as an opportunity for energy savings through a free energy audit that they conducted.  Efficiency Vermont is an energy efficiency utility- the first of it’s kind in the US- that provides technical assistance and financial incentives to help Vermont households and businesses reduce their energy consumption.   Our contractor tells me that they are replacing our old metal halide lights with new T5 high bay fluorescent lights, which will use 1/3 of the energy that the metal halides lights did.

Additionally, motion detectors were connected to the lighting in areas of the factory that are used infrequently, so that the lights will switch on only when someone is in that particular area… no energy will be wasted by lighting areas where we aren’t working.  These upgrades will not only reduce our energy use and corresponding electric bills, but will also strengthen our status as a member of the Vermont Business Environmental Partnership.  Did you know we are a member of that organization?  Check out the their standards that we’ve adopted.

We’re always looking for new ways to reduce waste and energy use around here.  Some of the other strategies we’ve already implemented include:

What ideas do you have that might help us reduce energy use and waste?

Way Out Wax Candles makes real scents!

Finally, scents that everyone loves! We are  committed to providing a healthy candle to people with every other aspect of a healthy lifestyle.  We have been handcrafting candles for many years, and we are sure that we have mastered it.

All of our container candles are made with 100% GMO-free soy wax (a completely biodegradable, renewable resource).  Our pillar candles are made with a proprietary blend of plant and food-grade waxes; to ensure the longest, cleanest, most consistent burn. They are wrapped in 100% natural, biodegradable corn plastic.  So if you purchase one of our pillars, and burn it through ‘the proper way’ (see our blog on burning tips)you will contribute NOTHING to your local landfill.

REAL SCENTS: Our products are scented using ONLY pure botanical essential oils.  There are not many candle companies out there that offer a true single scent!  Way Out Wax is glad to offer eleven single-scented aromatherapy candles. Each scent has a particular effect on our emotional state.  They can help to balance, relax, or invigorate your senses. They are vigorously blended throughout the wax to ensure maximum scent throw and are never adulterated with synthetic perfumes, dyes, or petrochemical enhancers.  We want everyone to know that we blend the most generous amount of essential oils into our wax to make our candles smell delicious from start to finish.

How to ‘properly’ burn your candle.

I always wondered why my candles never burned straight to the bottom.  Through working here at WOW, I’ve learned that there is an ACTUAL ‘right way’ to burn a candle.  Read on for more information to learn how to get the most out of your candle and remember, never leave your candle unattended!

• Before each use, trim the wick to 1/4″, and never move until flame is out and wax is completely solid. Remember, once the candle has been burning for a little while the container will be hot, so you should not attempt to pick it up and move it – you might get burned and we don’t want that!

• When burning your candle, allow the wax to pool all the way to the outer edges of the container. This is called a ‘melt pool’. Reaching this guarantees an even burn and maximum scent throw. Our rule is an hour an inch is a cinch. If you let your candle burn one hour per inch in diameter you will certainly avoid tunneling and have the best burning experience ever!

• If the wick becomes too long while burning, extinguish flame before trimming. (Be sure to not over trim the wick. If the wick is too short it will result in too small of a flame and the melt pool will not reach the edges of the container.)

• Do not burn in a draft. A draft may provide more oxygen to a flame which may cause a hot, uneven burn.

• Never use container lid to put out flame. Extinguish flame with a candle snuffer, which will prevent wax from spraying (which sometimes happens when you blow too hard). Don’t have a handy dandy candle snuffer? Don’t worry, you don’t have to go out and purchase one…I use a pen that ran out of ink…and it works just fine! Or a paperclip is also handy…

• Do not burn your candle if wax level is below 1/4” from the bottom of the container, time for a new one!

• Keep candles out of direct sunlight and do not store in temperatures over 80 degrees, so they don’t melt before you are ready to burn them…

• Always read all warning labels and remove any hang/pull tags from around the candle container prior to burning. You don’t want any extra, unintended flames!

And last but not least…

• Always burn candles on a stable, protected, heat-resistant surfaces or place on a heatproof plate.

Thanks for reading and BE WELL!

The Joy of Soy Candles

We love soy.  Not only is it a delicious (and healthy) bean to eat, but it can be turned into lovely soy wax candles!  Take a look at our soy facts:

  • We use 100% soy wax in all of our container candles (cobalt and frosted glass, travel tins and colored votive glass).  That’s right, there is nothing else in those containers besides the soy wax and the essential oils…oh wait, there’s also an unbleached  cotton or hemp wick!
  • Our soy wax is 100% pesticide free and GMO-free.  As part of our commitment to being a truly “Clean, Pure, Natural” company, we feel it is important to support farming practices that align with that philosophy.
  • Soybeans are a renewable resource, grown right here in the United States.  What could be better than supporting a product that is renewable and domestically produced?! Those are 2 huge plusses in our book.
  • Soy wax is a great way to support American farmers.  Vermont is a state with a large population of farmers of all kinds.  We all know at least one or two people who either own or work on a farm, so we feel good that we’re able to support these types of people throughout the country.

All of the above are a few of the many reasons why we are proud here at Way Out Wax to use soy wax in our candles.  Visit our website to learn more about our amazing candles or find a store near you go pick one up!

The Skunk vs. Clean Air

My husband and I have 2 dogs, which means there are a LOT of different smells in our life.  Our most recent foul odor incident was with a skunk.  The incident involved our older dog, Woody, who came to the door with a freshly killed skunk in his mouth at 11 pm, when we let him out right before we planned on going to bed!

After a quick trip to the only open gas station for some supplies, we soaked Woody with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda (as recommended by several Google searches) mixed with some Clean Air pet shampoo… and we were AMAZED at the results!  The intense, pungent skunky smell that had been making our eyes water was gone!  So much so that we were able to have  Woody sleep in the house that night with no worries.  I’m telling you, that Clean Air stuff worked miracles- and I’m honestly not just saying that because I work here.

If you’ve ever had a dog sprayed by a skunk, you know that the faint skunky scent can linger and/or resurface.  We did have to follow up with another round of Clean Air pet shampoo the next day, and we also burned Clean Air candles in the room by the front door, since that’s nearest to where the incident occurred, and spritzed the Clean Air spray too.  That skunky odor was completely neutralized- we even had friends over the next day and they couldn’t detect a skunky smell on Woody or in the house!  If Clean Air can do battle with a skunk, it can surely neutralize any odor.  Click on the graphic below to learn how it works!

Mountain of Aromatherapy

Yesterday I hiked to the top of Mount Mansfield, the highest peak in Vermont, with some human and doggie friends.  On the descent, we chose to walk straight down one of Stowe’s ski trails, Nose Dive.  We had to blazed our own trail through the thick meadow of colorful wildflowers blooming on the ski slope.  As I was walking, I started  thinking about the essential oils are that are contained within these plants and flowers.

It can take thousands of individual plants to create an essential oil.  Most essential oils are  created through a process called steam distillation.  In this process, pressurized steam is passed through the raw plant material, which causes the cellular pockets holding the essential oils to open and release the oil.  The steam is then cooled and condensed, leaving the essential oil floating at the water surface where it can then be skimmed off.

At Way Out Wax, we make all of our candles “extra juicy,” using a higher concentration of essential oils than most other candle makers.  So burning one of our aromatherapy candles brings an entire meadow of lavender, an orange grove, or a field of sage right into your home!   When I resume skiing again this winter, I will come home after a day on the slopes, light my lavender candle to relax and remember the summer day when I hiked through the wildflowers.

Organic Candles

Want to include organics in all aspects of your life? Here at Way Out Wax we are proud to offer our line of certified organic essential oil candles! All of the best aspects of supporting sustainable and environmentally responsible practices are wrapped up in our True Organics line.  Our recipe is simple: 100% GMO-free soy wax, cotton wick, certified organic essential oils – that’s it!  Why you may ask?  We are committed to providing consumers with a healthy candle to accommodate their healthy, organic lifestyle. We love options, our True Organics line is available in two distinct label series. The watercolor line features original paintings inspired by the scents, and the fleur-de-lis line is a graphic journey through the ancient spice route! Visit our website to learn more.

Why doesn’t Way Out Wax offer a vanilla scented candle?

Did you know that vanilla is regarded as the all-time most popular candle scent? We are often asked why there is not a Way Out Wax all-natural candle scented with vanilla.  Our explanation always begins with our promise to only make pure, botanical essential oil candles.  Therefore, we are limited to the realms of  using only pure essential oils AND vanilla is often loosely referred to as an essential oil, when in fact it is usually an oleoresin or absolute (or a much cheaper synthetic fragrance imitation!).

There are two forms of natural vanilla essence that we have considered working with.  One is called ‘vanilla oleoresin’ and the other is called ‘vanilla absolute’.  These are obtained from the vanilla plant a little differently than the usual processes of steam or CO2 distillation (which is used to extract the essences of these amazing plants). These forms of the vanilla scent are extracted by using a solvent.  We have done extensive research and development with these components (the vanilla oleoresin and absolute) in hopes of launching a vanilla candle that performs with the same qualities as our other aromas.  Unfortunately, the scent throw was too weak, even in the largest of our pillars.  We felt that it did not share the complexity of the vanilla aroma one gets from smelling the actual bean and decided not to launch a candle that does not meet our rigorous quality and purity standards.

For a little more information on this distinction (including confirmation that Vanilla oleoresin isn’t stable in candle making applications), visit  Vanilla absolute usually costs between $50 and $100 per ounce (depending on quality and organic status).  Our glass tumbler candles generally use at least a half an ounce of oil for fragrance.

TRANSLATION: a candle that normally costs $15.99 retail that is scented with ONLY Vanilla absolute would have cost us a bare minimum of $25 to $50 in essential oil!

So call us vanilla snobs, but buyers beware!  Most of the scented vanilla candles out there are scented using synthetic fragrances, which sadly may include phthalates and petrochemical derived additives.   So if a candle maker is making the claim that they are using a vanilla essential oil or an ‘all-natural’ vanilla and the candle isn’t exorbitantly expensive, they may be pulling your leg.  Vanilla absolutes are great in applications like perfumery, where a little goes a long way (and the retail price reflects the expensive ingredients).

At the end of the day, we are not trying to discourage people from purchasing vanilla candles.  There are ‘all natural fragrance oils’  that are used to replicate the vanilla smell.  Just be aware, use your nose, and ASK QUESTIONS!!