Way Out Wax is all about RECYCLING and REUSING!!

This is why we use minimal packaging, and the packaging we do use is always eco-friendly and recyclable!

Did you know that all of our container candles are filled with 100% GMO-free soy wax?  This is great because our soy wax is a wonderful USA grown crop who promises to never use genetically modified seeds or pesticides to keep the bugs and weeds away. We are all about that!  Soy wax is also easier to wash out than most paraffin candles.  Our large and small travel tins are made of between 25%-60% recycled steel. For more info visit our supplier’s website.

Patchouli Aromatherapy Candles

When your travel tin is about spent do not fear, we are always making new ones to keep the cycle flowing, AND the good news is you are now the proud owner of a wonderful knick-knack holder!  The large and small travel tins can easily be washed out (with warm soapy water) and used to hold earrings, paperclips, tacks, you name it!  If you have a growing collection of them they are 100% RECYCLABLE so pop them in your recycle bin and feel good about not contributing to a land fill.

Our glass container candles are also filled with yummy GMO-free soy wax. We use different suppliers for different containers, but our frosted and cobalt tumblers (the most common type we sell) are provided by Libbey’s glass. They are made with a minimum of 30% recycled content.

These can also be washed out when burned to the bottom and reused as a lovely juice glass.  I’ve got a great collection of the cobalt tumblers living in my cabinet! Remember it is the same with the tins, if you collect more than your cabinet can handle, they are 100% recyclable as well!


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