The Song of Aromatherapy Synergy

Our Green Mountain Collection essential oil candles are not just random blends of essential oils that happen to smell amazing, but rather synergy combinations created with intention and purpose.

In aromatherapy, a “synergy” is a blend of essential oils in which the combined effect is greater than the effects of the essential oils individually.  Think about it like a song, where each individual note is beautiful, yet the right combination of notes can create something magnificent!

Let’s stick with the song analogy for a minute.  In aromatherapy, individual essential oils are classified as either a “top,” “middle,” or “base” note.  Top note essential oils are usually derived from flowers and leaves.  They are generally fast acting, uplifting and stimulating aromas.  Eucalyptus and orange are considered top notes.  Middle notes are mainly derived from spices and herbs.  These promote balance by providing a link between the fast acting top note and the grounding base note.  Rosemary and geranium are considered middle notes.  Base notes are generally derived from the bark, resin or gum of a tree and can have an intense, heavy scent.  Cedarwood and patchouli are examples of base notes.

Each Green Mountain Collection aromatherapy candle synergy blend was developed with a certified aromatherapist is designed to treat specific ailments or enhance moods.  Need to relax?  Try Sweet Dreams!  Head feeling cloudy?  Clear Head will revive you!  Having a bad day?  Citrus Harmony will lift you up!  They are like symphonies for the soul.


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