Mountain of Aromatherapy

Yesterday I hiked to the top of Mount Mansfield, the highest peak in Vermont, with some human and doggie friends.  On the descent, we chose to walk straight down one of Stowe’s ski trails, Nose Dive.  We had to blazed our own trail through the thick meadow of colorful wildflowers blooming on the ski slope.  As I was walking, I started  thinking about the essential oils are that are contained within these plants and flowers.

It can take thousands of individual plants to create an essential oil.  Most essential oils are  created through a process called steam distillation.  In this process, pressurized steam is passed through the raw plant material, which causes the cellular pockets holding the essential oils to open and release the oil.  The steam is then cooled and condensed, leaving the essential oil floating at the water surface where it can then be skimmed off.

At Way Out Wax, we make all of our candles “extra juicy,” using a higher concentration of essential oils than most other candle makers.  So burning one of our aromatherapy candles brings an entire meadow of lavender, an orange grove, or a field of sage right into your home!   When I resume skiing again this winter, I will come home after a day on the slopes, light my lavender candle to relax and remember the summer day when I hiked through the wildflowers.


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