Saving Energy at the Wax Factory

Hooray for energy upgrades!  This week we’ve had about 20-30 of our lights replaced to reduce the energy consumption here at the Way Out Wax factory.  This has happened thanks to a partnership with Efficiency Vermont, who identified the light fixtures as an opportunity for energy savings through a free energy audit that they conducted.  Efficiency Vermont is an energy efficiency utility- the first of it’s kind in the US- that provides technical assistance and financial incentives to help Vermont households and businesses reduce their energy consumption.   Our contractor tells me that they are replacing our old metal halide lights with new T5 high bay fluorescent lights, which will use 1/3 of the energy that the metal halides lights did.

Additionally, motion detectors were connected to the lighting in areas of the factory that are used infrequently, so that the lights will switch on only when someone is in that particular area… no energy will be wasted by lighting areas where we aren’t working.  These upgrades will not only reduce our energy use and corresponding electric bills, but will also strengthen our status as a member of the Vermont Business Environmental Partnership.  Did you know we are a member of that organization?  Check out the their standards that we’ve adopted.

We’re always looking for new ways to reduce waste and energy use around here.  Some of the other strategies we’ve already implemented include:

What ideas do you have that might help us reduce energy use and waste?


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