Clear Your Head for fall… with our candle sale!

It’s back to school time- and whether you’re a student or not- it’s a good time to refocus and clear your head as the weather starts to cool a bit.  Our Clear Head synergy has a cool, refreshing scent that aids concentration and can help focus the mind.  Each individual essential oil in this blend contributes unique properties to this lovely synergy.

Eucalyptus has the ability to literally clear the head, as it opens the sinuses and acts as a decongestant.  A study conducted by scientists at the University of Miami found that inhaling rosemary boosted alertness, eased anxiety and amplified mental abilities.  Peppermint oil has long been regarded as an effective stimulant and has been scientifically proven to increase mental accuracy.

All of these wonderful qualities in our invigorating Clear Head aromatherapy synergy candle will help ease the transition from long, care-free summer days into shortening, cooler fall days.  And for you students out there, this candle might come in handy when you’re cramming the night before that exam or when you’ve procrastinated writing that paper down to the wire!

Visit our web site to stock up now… all Clear Head candles are 10% off during the month of September!  WOO-HOO!


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