Soy Tea Light Candles – Good things come in small packages!

My roommate came home yesterday and said “WOW! It smells great in here!!”  I had to laugh out loud, because the kitchen is a rather spacious room, and the overwhelmingly, yummy sage scent was pumping out of one of WOW’s sage tea lights!!  He was amazed that such a small candle packs such a large punch!

We are proud here at WOW to make the claim of true scents!!  Our love of essential oils is shown through our candles.  We refuse to add  synthetic fragrance to boost scent, because as proven by my roommate’s nose, essential oils are all you need!  We are proud to offer our newly repackaged tea lights on sale 20% off through the month of September.  Just enter ‘small’ into the coupon code at check out and save!  They are available in eight delicious single scents and synergies, and also in unscented for times when you  just  want the illumination of candlelight. We are happy to say that good things, indeed do come in small packages! 🙂


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