Confession of a Patchouli Convert

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I admit, a few months ago, I would have told you that I hated the smell of patchouli.  In my brain, that scent was perpetually linked with another smell I dislike, but I didn’t discover that until very recently.  I don’t want to offend anyone by mentioning specifically what the other smell is, but let’s just say it’s a linked to the use of patchouli oil as a body fragrance.

Then slowly, over the past couple of months, I started noticing a certain aroma here at the factory and thinking to myself- what is that?… it smells good!  I was shocked to discover that the smell I liked was patchouli!  So I began to experiment.  At first I tried burning one of our synergy blend candles, Escentual Love, where patchouli is combined with rosewood and lavender.    But, I only committed to a mini tin– not a full sized candle.  I really began to enjoy the wonderful, warm and earthy vibe from that candle and before I knew it, I had burned out the entire tin.  So I progressed to the  Escentual Love large candle tin.  It didn’t take long before I burned through that one also.  Could I take the next step- burning a single scent patchouli candle?

I’m not sure if my newly discovered affinity for patchouli is due to the absence of the other scent I had previously mentally linked to it or if I liked it now because we use such high quality essential oils in our aromatherapy soy candles.  Either way, now is a great time to try it out for yourself… we just reduced the price!   Got commitment issues like me?  Test the waters with our patchouli tea lights.  Already a patchouli fan?  Go for the large round pillar.

Visit our web site to browse all varieties of our candles with patchouli essential oil- Escentual Love and single scent patchouli.


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