Top 5 Candles for Fall!

It’s my favorite time of year!  The hot, humid summer days have passed, the nights are becoming crisp and the air is refreshingly cool.  Soon we’ll be visiting the pumpkin patch, going to the harvest market and stacking the wood for winter.  It’s also the time of year when candles become a mainstay in daily life for a lot of folks.  But, with so many options, what candle to burn is the question.

Ditch that old bright orange pumpkin candle and the crimson red apple cider one in favor of our non-toxic essential oil soy candles.  Those brightly colored candles contain dyes, additives and synthetic fragrances, which, when burned, can release toxins into your home!  At Way Out Wax, our candles are made using only non-GMO soy wax and essential oils… no additives and nothing synthetic!  That’s why they are so delicious!

Here are the top 5 healthy, essential oil candles for fall from us here at Way Out Wax:

  1. Cozy Home: Cinnamon, nutmeg and clove essential oils evoke a feeling of warmth and coziness, as the name implies.  This candle will make you want to grab a blanket and snuggle by a fire.
  2. Cinnamon:  Warming and elegant,  and reminiscent of apple pie!
  3. Clove: Sweet and spicy clove!  Pumpkin pie, anyone?  Burn this candle and the cinnamon one simultaneously to really spice things up!
  4. Citrus Harmony: Orange, grapefruit and clove essential oils synergize to create both an uplifting and warming aroma!
  5. Non-scents:  Our unscented candles are perfect for creating ambiance  AND our unscented tea lights make a perfect light for your jack-o-lantern!!

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