Tree Bark Essential Oil Candles

As a companion to the leaf-derived essential oil post, I thought a post about essential oils derived from another part of a tree- the bark – was in order.  Essential oils from the bark of a tree tend to have very rich, intense, heavy scents and when used in a synergy, are generally the base note.  Three essential oils that we use here at Way Out Wax from the  bark of trees are cinnamon, cedarwood and rosewood (in our Escentual Love synergy and Indian Summer candles).

Everyone’s familiar with the warm, spicy scent of cinnamon from their kitchen.  You can find cinnamon essential oil in our single scent cinnamon candle,  our Cozy Home synergy, and our organic Sol Tranquility candle.  The essential oil of cinnamon is steam distilled from the bark of the tree and the aroma is warming and arousing.  When you burn our cinnamon or Cozy Home candles, it creates a feeling of comfort and the desire to snuggle by a hearth.  Maybe it’s just me, but I find that when I burn a cinnamon candle, it stimulates my sweet tooth!  Did you know that the yummy cinnamon you put on your toast is powdered tree bark?!

Cedarwood has a wonderful fresh and woodsy aroma.  Throughout antiquity, cedarwood has been used in medicines and as incense.  The essential oil, when applied topically, is said to combat hair loss!  The aroma of cedarwood is harmonizing and grounding and therefore makes a wonderful meditation companion.  We offer a single scent cedarwood candle and use cedarwood in combination with other woodsy oils in our Northern Forest and Vermont Soy Forest candles.

Rosewood has a delightful woody and floral aroma.  Rosewood essential oil is antibacterial and antifungal and is said to improve skin elasticity when applied topically.  The aromatherapeutic benefits include promoting calmness and stabilizing the emotions.    You can find rosewood in our Escentual Love synergy and our Vermont Soy Indian Summer essential oil candles.

Visit our web site today and pay tribute to the mighty power of trees this fall with one of our amazing candles!


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