Do you find your candle burns quickly? TIPS FOR STRETCHING OUT YOUR BURN TIME…

How to maximize burn time and scent throw of your soy wax candle:

Burning candles can often require more effort than one would realize.  BUT if you have the time to do a few things you can really get the most out of your soy wax candle.

The first and probably most cliché of burning tips is to make sure that your wick is around ¼ inch in length.  This is very important, and scissors are quick and easy help.

Second, is to make sure you have enough time to let the burning wick work on its melt pool.  It helps to let the wax melt out completely to the edges of the container forming a liquid wax puddle.  If you notice your wick leaning to one side, a good tip is to rotate your candle 180 degrees (but be careful not to splash wax!)

Once this melt pool has occurred (and our motto is ‘an hour an inch is a cinch’) you can snuff or blow out the flame.

This lets the melt pool release off the yummy essential oils so you can reap the benefits of true aromatherapy.

Once the wax solidifies again, you just trim your wick and start over.

Remember, it is good to make sure you never burn your candle in a draft, this makes the flame rage, often to one side creating an uneven burn AND never leave your candle unattended!

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Affordable Aromatherapy Holiday Gift Idea #3

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How about these little beauties?!  Our lovely colored glass votives are available in all 6 of our amazing synergy scents and come in pretty colors!  And of course, they are made using only our GMO-free soy wax and scented with pure essential oils!  These are perfect to give to friends, siblings, coworkers, teachers or for that holiday swap.  Spread the Way Out Wax love around this holiday season!  Head on over here to start shopping.  Don’t forget… shipping is free when you spend $100!

Affordable Aromatherapy Holiday Gift Idea #2

Got a candle fanatic, yogi or lavender lover on your holiday shopping list?  Need something unique to bring your holiday host or hostess?  We’ve done the work for you by putting together perfect aromatherapy combinations in our gift baskets and sets! Visit our web site to browse our great selection of gift options!  Even better news… they’re all 15% off until the new year!  OR… make your own special gift combination with our aromatherapy candles, Clean Air, or True Organics lines.

Affordable Aromatherapy Holiday Gift Idea #1

You can stretch your holiday gift giving dollar with our cobalt and frosted glass tumbler candles.  They are poured into juice glasses, so you can simply wash the soy wax residue out with warm, soapy water after the candle has burned through and you’re left with a beautiful drinking glass. It’s like giving 2 gifts in one!!  There are ways to reuse all of our container candles… check out this blog post for more ideas!  Go here to shop our lovely candles.

Did You Know?

Aromatherapy arrived in modern society with a bang!   In 1910, French cosmetic chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse accidentally set himself on fire after an explosion in his lab.  His hands began to develop gas gangrene, which he successfully healed with lavender essential oil.  He shared his findings with his medical doctor friends and the modern study and clinical use of essential oils and aromatherapy was born!