Top 5 Candles for Winter!

Ahhh, winter.  When you live here in northern Vermont it seems we are wrapped in Mother Nature’s white blanket for a LONG time.   Yup, you really need to find ways to enjoy it or at least make the best of it so the months fly by.

One way to make your winter more relaxing and enjoyable is to set the mood with our amazing aromatherapy candles!  Here are our recommendations for the top 5 candles for winter.

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1.  Northern Forest– Renews the spirit like a stroll through a coniferous forest, reminiscent of the scent of a Christmas tree.

2.  Orange– Uplifts and creates a cheerful environment during this dark and cold time of year.

3.  Eucalyptus– Purifies while clearing your sinuses.  Eucalyptus is great for clearing congestion and is commonly found in cough drops!

4.  Sweet Dreams– Soothes and provides a very calming and relaxing environment.  For nights when you just want to relax with a blankie on the couch and let the stress melt away.

5.  Peppermint– Invigorates and stimulates to pull you out of the winter doldrums.