Our top 5 favorite candles for Springtime!!

As a follow up on our top 5 candles for winter, we wanted to share our personal favorites for springtime! Can’t believe it is already March, before we know it we will find ourselves basking in warmth and cleaning mud out of our houses from our wonderful, yearly ‘mud season’.  The following scents are our personal favorites that help to balance, rejuvenate and cleanse – much like springtime makes us feel!

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  1. Clean Air– Our all-natural odor neutralizing candles and sprays are made with a proprietary blend of over 22 botanical essential oils!  With the use of nature’s technology (the essential oils) attach to the foul smelling odors, absorb them, and leave you with nothing but clean air!  This is our number one choice as spring cleaning can sometimes upturn some less than pleasant smells.
  2. Lavender– Everyone loves lavender, or at least MOST people do!  This calming aroma will help relax you after a day of cleaning and running errands.
  3. Orange– This uplifting aroma helps to uplift and balance your spirit, I find that it smells so yummy I always want to eat an orange after!
  4. Sage– A refreshing herbal aroma that helps to calm and cleanse.
  5. Citrus Harmony– Last but not least, this blend of orange, grapefruit and clove is great to stimulate and revive after a long winter.