Earth Day SALE!!

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Here at Way Out Wax every day is Earth Day, but having an official Earth Day gives us a wonderful excuse to celebrate!  We’re committed to producing high-quality, truly healthy products with integrity—products that represent the powerful connection between individuals and the environment!  Here are some of the ways we are good to the earth:

  • We use earth-friendly, completely natural & biodegradable ingredients.  From our waxes, to our scents, to our biodegradable corn-plastic peanuts and pillar wrappers.  We work exclusively with environmentally friendly ingredients & processes.
  • Prevent pollution.  By choosing natural ingredients, rather than synthetic alternatives (some of which are known to emit toxins) we keep things simple and clean and we love it because our production workers don’t have to wear protective gear and respirators.
  • Recycle.  In every stage of manufacturing we recycle paper, cardboard, aluminum, glass and we also collect glass bottles & aluminum cans to supplement our donation fund.
  • Reduce.  Resisting industry pressures to “over-package” individual candles, we work to eliminate unnecessary waste by employing “minimalist packaging” and encourage reusing of all our glass & travel tin containers).
  • Reuse.  Our factory reuses packing materials in which we received raw supplies for shipping outbound packages.  Even the “new” boxes we buy are often second-hand from a company that sources “overruns” and other gently-used boxes. Other items (like empty plastic bags or boxes) are donated to businesses in the community that make use of them. We even make “puffs” out of old newspaper that we use in shipping as packaging materials.
  • Support Local Environmental Organizations.  In addition to our donations to social and educational organizations, we are proud to donate time, resources and candles to environmental groups in our home state of Vermont.

What are you doing to be good to the earth?  We invite you to celebrate Earth Day with us with a very special sale!  Visit our website to shop for your favorite products and enter coupon code “earth” at check out to receive an additional 25% off your entire order!  We encourage you to share this with your friends, but hurry, this offer expires at midnight on Sunday April 24th!

Happy Earth Day!!

Do you look for these qualities in products you purchase? We want you to know that we fit into the categories of:


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