If walls had ears…

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They’d have heard their fair share of music and laughter from our crew over the last 16 years!

Today we shut the door to the old factory on Harrel Street for the last time.

Moving often brings a nostalgic, bittersweet mix of emotions and a decade and a half in one space is a long time.   While we are so excited for all that the future holds, we feel it is important to stop and reflect.

A constantly evolving (and sometimes revolving) set of folks have spent months or years at Harrel Street and, together, we became part of a funky and fragrant mythology.   Over the years, we’ve employed glass blowers, carpenters, crafters, painters, storytellers, skydivers, comedians, inventors and many damn fine candlemakers.  Not always, but sometimes (more often than the national average!), there is just the right mix of music, world views, life experiences and timing to produce a sort of alchemical environment.  I am honored to say that we experienced this phenomenon in multiple manifestations.   You know who you are!

So, today, we are thinking back on all the fine folks that have been along for the ride.   With a pitcher of hot wax in hand, we’ve probed the mysteries of the universe and all grown up a little along the way.  It is with a grateful heart that we think of all you Waxers, both past and present!  Please know that today we sang a song and danced a dance in your honor.

Hey diddle diddle
to the people in the middle
we got HOT WAX
and it’s cookin’ on the griddle
Got the guitar strummin’
the drummer drummin’
the people all hummin’
and the vibe was lovin’
on and on and on
’til the breakadawn

(- Michael Franti)

It’s official.  We’ve packed up our aromatic carnival and headed north. Come visit us at our lovely new digs.  We’ve got lots of memories to create!


3 thoughts on “If walls had ears…

  1. Very, very well written, and only by someone who truly understands how deeply the magic of this wonderful WOW family has always been, and ALWAYS will be. Truly, always, radical, and magical – keep waxing! Goodbye Morrisville – Hello Hyde Park!

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