Essential Oils for Winter, Part 1

snowyfactory mashup

The temperatures have been blustery here in Vermont. We love winter because it toughens us up, keeps us grateful, and gives us an extreme contrast to balance the seasons.

We’ve found some pretty magical ways to cope with this intensely cold weather through the use and enjoyment of our essential oil candles!  We find they truly help us create these feelings we thirst for each cold season; feelings of warmth and comfort; feelings of inspiration.  Essential oils, along with the finer things in winter life:  snuggles with loved ones, toasty fires, cozy teas, thoughtful books and yummy soups, always provide sustenance and make us smile!

For warmth, we recommend oils of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg.  Along with smelling delicious, like a hot mug of Chai, these spices have been prized throughout the ages for their warming, fiery elements!  Sandalwood is another warming essential oil that is easy to love!  Characterized by rich, mellow, smoky notes, sandalwood easily conjures a strong sense of compassion.

Stay tuned for the next post with more essential oils for winter and cheers to staying cozy!


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