Keepin’ cool.

There’s mosquitoes on the river
Fish are rising up like birds
It’s been hot for seven weeks now
Too hot to even speak now
Did you hear what I just heard?

From “The Music Never Stopped” by The Grateful Dead

It’s hot here in Vermont.  The kind of hot that feels like somewhere else, not our cool and lush Green Mountain State.  Summer is in high gear and every swimming hole and cool stream is peppered with people swimming and lounging lethargically.

Vermonters just aren’t built for the heat.  I suppose if you’re able to withstand arctic temperatures, it’s an understandable tradeoff that for a few days every year you might feel like a snowperson transformed into a puddle. What can you do?

We hear it’s hot just about everywhere, so we’d like to give props to our creative friends who are utilizing botanicals to keep us feeling amazing and ready to rock on.

Herbal Popsicles

What could be better than a Blueberry Chamomile Tulsi popsicle? Maybe a Reishi Fudge Pop! Or a Cherry Bomb (Cherry, Hibiscus, Ginger, Lime)! Herbalist Rachael Keener is keeping Burlington, VT cool with her amazing Joy Ride Pops.

Cooling Mist

The aromatherapy experts at Lunaroma Aromatic Apothecary have a Cooling Mist.  It’s hydrating and minty fresh and oh-so-delightful!

Cold Brew Herbal Tea

Organic chamomile, hibiscus, rose, marshmallow root and a whole lotta love in a refreshing cold brew tea from Mellow Root Herbals.  This beautiful and thirst quenching blend is one of our favorites!


Cool tropical fruit, power-packed superfoods and greens, greens, greens all work together in a magical way.  If you’re in need of some sparkling inspiration, try our friend Taraleigh’s recipe.

So let’s toast to the bounty and beauty of the plant world. We are so grateful for our plant allies and the creative humans providing us with fun and tasty ways to stay healthy.

Stay cool, beautiful people!


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