About Us

Hello beautiful people!

Welcome to the world Way Out Wax!  We are a small candle company nestled in the green mountains of Vermont. It all started back in 1992, when Jim Rossiter and a few dear friends began making candles under the name Way Out Wax. The original shop in downtown Burlington featured “dip your own” candles as well as the “Kaleidoscope” candle (which was every bit as colorful as the name implies).

After selling tie-dyed t-shirts at rock concerts, making a tie-dyed candle was a natural and profitable progression. The Kaleidoscopes and other Tie-Dyed candles grew steadily in popularity and had made quite a name for themselves by 1995 when Jim became increasingly aware that colorful candles aren’t in harmony with a healthy lifestyle.  Candle dyes, though beautiful, are unfortunately highly toxic and are proven to release a number of known toxins and carcinogens into the air while a candle is burning.  A company full of people who pride themselves on recycling, carpooling, eating organic food, and being environmentally conscious felt the need to apply principles of healthy living to every aspect of their lives (including the candles they make)!   The Kaleidoscopes were bid a fond farewell and a new plan was hatched.  Working in conjunction with a certified aromatherapist, Way Out Wax decided to pursue all-natural aromatherapy candles. Already skilled in the mechanics of candle making (thanks to the Kaleidoscope-days), they now could concentrate on sourcing pure botanical essential oils and the finest, all-natural wax blends. The results were AMAZING. They launched a line of single scent aromatherapy candles as well as a line of synergistic blends created by their friend and mentor, certified aromatherapist Wendy Dorsey.


Today, Way Out Wax remains more committed than ever to providing an environmentally friendly candle in an increasingly toxic world.  We stick to scenting our GMO-free soy wax container candles with 100% pure botanical essential oils. We use only unbleached cotton or hemp wicks, even though there are many zinc and tin core wicks on the market that claim to be safe, we still choose to stick to the most natural. We refuse to add any dyes or synthetic fragrance because we realize that anything that goes into a candle eventually dissipates into the air. We feel that people breathe in enough chemicals – they don’t need more from the candles they light to relax.  We strive to reduce our ecological footprint while providing an affordable, practical, and uncompromised aromatherapy experience. We are also having a lot of fun and enjoying delicious aromas while proving that candles can be both beautiful and completely natural. Visit our website to experience the difference today!


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