Organic Aromatherapy Soy Wax Candles from Way Out Wax!

Did you know that Way Out Wax makes an organic candle?  We created our True Organics line for the conscious consumer who wants to incorporate organics into all aspects of their lifestyle.

What makes these candles organic, you ask?  Great question!  Well, we start with certified non-GMO, pesticide-free soy wax (soy wax itself can’t be certified organic due to the change in chemical structure that occurs when converting soybean oil into a wax- but this is as close to organic as it gets!), then we add 100% certified organic essential oils, a cotton or hemp wick and THAT’S IT!  These candles are all meticulously handcrafted in our Vermont factory, just like the rest of our candles!  Once again, Way Out Wax is setting industry standards for excellence, environmental stewardship and innovative, uncompromising aromatherapy. We invite you to join us in supporting sustainable agriculture and socially responsible, earth-friendly business practices through your purchase of True Organics!

There are 6 amazing scents available in this line.

Jupiter Grove: Calming and soothing lavender meets uplifting and balancing valencia orange.

Zanzibar Mint: Spicy ginger blends with the cooling and uplifting notes of peppermint in a sophisticate, tantalizing concoction.

Sol Tranquility: Refreshing, sparkling citrus notes of Argentinian lemon, Australian litsea cubeba, white ginger peel, and spicy cinnamon bark dance with soothing base notes of lavender flowers to create a whimsical aromatherapy experience.

Oriental Jade: A majestic oriental fragrance which incorporates top notes of Orange Blossom (a representation of good fortune) and Chinese cinnamon bark with a heart of rose geranium and palmarosa enrobed in ylang ylang, warm patchouli, cedarwood and evergreen cypress.

Sicilian Mandarin: Zesty and tangy… a crisp base of green and red mandarin peel with a swirl of pink rose encompassed in a rich citrus melange of Brazilian orange, Argentinian lemon, and passionate pink grapefruit.

Mediterranean Sunrise: A sparkling top not of peppermint and litsea cubeba with a melange of bergamot, lemon, orange and pink grapefruit complemented by a heart of rose and warm palmarose kissed by a hint of sweet ylang.

Choose from three recycled and reusable containers (7.5 ounce frosted tumbler, 11ounce recycled glass and 8 ounce travel tin) with a choice between two label designs for each scent.  One design track is graphically based on a fleur-de-lis pattern, with organic lines and a color palette that follows the ancient spice route.  The second design track is based upon a set of six original watercolor paintings completed exclusively for and inspired by the organic essential oils line.  The paintings and designs were produced by northern Vermont artist Julie Ruth.

Which ones do we like best?  Staff picks include Zanzibar Mint, Sol Tranqulity and Jupiter Grove, but really all of them smell amazing!


Affordable Aromatherapy Holiday Gift Idea #2

Got a candle fanatic, yogi or lavender lover on your holiday shopping list?  Need something unique to bring your holiday host or hostess?  We’ve done the work for you by putting together perfect aromatherapy combinations in our gift baskets and sets! Visit our web site to browse our great selection of gift options!  Even better news… they’re all 15% off until the new year!  OR… make your own special gift combination with our aromatherapy candles, Clean Air, or True Organics lines.

Organic Candles

Want to include organics in all aspects of your life? Here at Way Out Wax we are proud to offer our line of certified organic essential oil candles! All of the best aspects of supporting sustainable and environmentally responsible practices are wrapped up in our True Organics line.  Our recipe is simple: 100% GMO-free soy wax, cotton wick, certified organic essential oils – that’s it!  Why you may ask?  We are committed to providing consumers with a healthy candle to accommodate their healthy, organic lifestyle. We love options, our True Organics line is available in two distinct label series. The watercolor line features original paintings inspired by the scents, and the fleur-de-lis line is a graphic journey through the ancient spice route! Visit our website to learn more.

August is ‘admit you are happy’ month!

Here at W.O.W we find that we have many things to be happy for: summertime, mountains, life, friends, nature, ect!  With all of this happiness and friends in mind, we’ve designed a special coupon code!!! When you order from our website and enter ‘happy’ under coupon code, you will receive 15% off your entire order!  Another reason to be happy is that if you order is $50 or more, you will receive a free gift!! (hint: it’s made of wax and smells delicious)…So feel free to use these bonuses and remember:

BE HAPPY and keep smilin’!! 🙂